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Monday, May 20, 2013

Summary of "Child Care in China" - Bruce Dollar | Major English Class 11

Summary | Major English Class 11
Child Care in China
Bruce Dollar
Class : 11

In this essay “Child Care in China”, Bruce Dollar describes how mother-surrogates play important role in introducing the values of co-operation, co-ordination, sharing, respect for labour and altruism in institutionalized child care programmes in China. InChina, group activities are emphasized in all child care centers so that no one becomes a ‘star’. Chinese children are generally expected to rely on each other for stimulation rather than inanimate objects. Moreover, children are provided with toys of a worker, a farmer, or soldier ; so that they would show respect towards labour. The toys are made a bit heavy in order to foster mutual help and co-operation between them. 

Generally women are selected as nurses or teachers who show particular interest in children and love them. Credentials are secondary during their recruitment. The nurses teach the children that helping and sharing is more important than winning. They do not punish children when they do wrong. They motivate them and encourage them towards the right path. Even teachers enthusiastically join with the children in the free play. Teachers handle the disruptive child cheerfully and patiently with persuasion and do not make him / her the center of attention. 

In Nepal, child care centers or child care institutions are not properly equipped with toys or play things. Children are not motivated or entertained but are only made bookworms. Children are severely punished when they do wrong. Even teachers are not well trained. Children are taught to be competitive and they are evaluated on the basis of their individual performances or on the basis of their exams. Generally group activities are not emphasized. The nurses / teachers are not properly paid, so there is no stability of the teachers. Nurses are selected on the basis of certificates and credentials. There is no uniformity in the child care institutions in Nepal. 

Due to lack of proper nurturing in child care centers in Nepal, Nepalese children are becoming more and more selfish, greedy and violent. They show no respect for labour and for the nation. The family bonds and social bonds are disintegrating day by day. By adopting the methods and techniques applied in child care centres in China we can certainly develop mind and body of Nepalese children.

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