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Monday, May 20, 2013

Summary of "The Letter A" - Christy Brown | Major English Class 11

Summary | Major English Class 11
The letter A
Christy Brown
Class : 11

In his autobiography “The Letter A” Christy Brown describes how he overcame his massive handicap with his will-power, firm determination and with the continuous effort and love of his Mother. 

Christy Brown was born as the tenth child in a family of twenty-two. When he was four months old, his head would constantly fall backwards whenever his mother tried to feed him. As he grew older, his hands were clenched tightly and twisted unnecessarily. He could not even hold the nipple of the bottle because he could not freely open or close his mouth. At six months he could only sit by resting his back on the mountain of pillows. All these signs alerted his mother, so she consulted doctors.

The doctors told her that he was both mentally and physically defective. But she had a firm belief that her son may be physically weak but not mentally retarded. She was a woman of firm determination who loved Christy dearly as her other normal children. Filled by true motherly love, she tried to take care of him by herself. 

Even at the age of five, he could neither sit nor speak. His every body parts were useless. His mother would show him pictures of animals and flowers and ask him to repeat them after her. She hoped that Christy would at least learn and communicate with other people. Even when her relatives told her not to take the boy seriously, she was determined to prove that her son was not mentally retarded. 

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