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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Complete Syllabus of Compulsory English Class 11

CLASS : 11
Teaching hours 150

1. Arthur Guiterman, " On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness"
2. Darothy Charles, "Concrete Cat"
3. Mark Strand " Keeping things whole"
4. Cowper " The Poplar Field"
5. W. Wordsworth, "My Heart Leaps up when I Behold"

6. Barbara Holland, "Speaking of Children"
7. Joan Didion, " In Bed"
8. Issac Asimov, " The Nightmare Life Without Fuel"

9. Roger Roserblatt, "Opps ! How's that Again?"
10. Harold J. Morowitz, "The Six Million Dollar Man"
11. W.S. Merwin, " "Unchopping a tree"

12. Stories of the supernatural: "The Recurring Dream" " The Lost Doll", The House Call" "Fear", "The Loving Mother"
13. Hemingway, "The Three Day Blow"
14. R. Kipling, " The Gardener"
15. Patricia Hempt, " Look at a tea cup"
16. Eudora Welty, "A Worn Path"
17. R.N. Tagore, "Malini"

Prescribed Texts:
1. Doff. Adrian, C. Jones and K. Mitchell. Meaning into words (Intermediate). Students book, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press .
2. Meaning into Words (Intermediate), Workbook, Cambridge, C.U.P. 1983
3. The Magic of Words (A Collection of poetry, prose and drama). Kathmandu, 1996.
4. Link English. Revised edition, Kathmandu : Sajha Prakashan, 1996.

Reference Books:
1. One of the following Dictionaries: 
a) Cambridge International of Dictionary of English Cambridge, C.U.P., 1995
b) Collins COBUILD English Dictionary. New Edition London: Narper Collins, 1995.
c) Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englsih. 3rd edition. Harlow: Longman Group 1995
d) Oxford Advanced learner's Dictionary: Learner'd Dictionary: 5th edition; Oxford: O.U.P. 1996. 

2. Doff, Adrian, C. Jones and K. Mitchell, Meanings into words (Intermediate), Teacher's book. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1983.
3. Meaning into words, (Intermediate). Text BOOK, C.U.P.
4. Meaning into Words, (intermediate). Cassette (Student's Book) C.U.P.
5. Meaning into Words, (Intermediate). Cassette (Drills), C.U.P.
6. Swan, Michael. Basic English Usage. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1994.

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