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Complete Syllabus of Compulsory English Class 12
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Posted By on Thursday, March 28, 2013 | 6:33 PM

Compulsory English
Class : 12

Full Marks : 100
Teaching hours : 150 

1. William Stafford. "Traveling through the Dark. 
2. W.B. Yeasts, "The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner". 
3. William Shakespeare, "Full Fathom Five Thy Father Lies." 
4. Ray Young Bear, "Grand Mother." 
5. Hopkins, "Gods Graceful."

6. Moli Nissani, " Two Longterm Problems". 
7. Marslma Traught, " The children Who Wait". 
8. Martin Luther King. "I have a Dream". 
9. Ilene Kartrov, "Women's Business". 
10. Lilaa M and Berry, C Bishop, "Hurried to Avoid a Bad Star". 
11. Germaine Grear, " A Child is Born". 

12 Poe. "The Tell – Tale Heart". 
13. Dylan Thomas, " A Story". 
14. James Joyce, "The Boarding House 
15. G. Garcia Marquez. "The Last Voyage of the Ghost ship" 
16. Chekhov, "About Love". 
17. Brother's Grim, " Hansel and Gretel" and its variations. 

18. W.B. Yeats, "Purgatory". 
Evaluation Scheme: 
This paper contains 100 marks, which will be divided as follows: 
- Core English - 60% 
- Extensive Reading and Writing - 40% 
Skill wise the weightable will be as follows: 
- Reading - 40% 
- Writing - 40% 
Grammar and language use - 20% 

Prescribed Texts: 
1. Doff, Adriam. Chirstopher Jones, Keith Mitchell, Meaning into words (upper Intermediate) Student's Book. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1984. 
2. Meaning into words (workbook) Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 
3. Lohani, Adhikari and Subedi, The Heritage of Words Kathmandu, 1998. 
4. Swan, Michael. "Basic English Usage" OUP. 

Reference Books: 
1. One of the following dictionaries 
a) Cambridge International Dictionary of English. Cambridge C.U.P. 1995 
b) Collins COBUILD English Dictionary (New Edition). London: Harper Collins, 1995 
c) Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (Third Edition) Harlow: Longman Group. 1995. 
d) Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (5th edition). Oxford. O.U.P. 1996. 

2. Swan, Michael; Basic English Usage. Oxford: O.U.P. 1984. 
3. Doff, Adrian, Christopher Jones, Keith Mitchell, Meaning into Words (Upper Intermediate) teacher's Book. 
4. Meaning into Words (upper – Intermediate) carsette (student's book). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1984. 
5. Meaning into Words. (Upper – Intermediate) Carsette (Drills). 1984.

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