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Friday, March 29, 2013

Download MBBS Entrance Exam Questions Model With Answers | JIPMER 2000

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If you have completed 12th standard with above 50% marks then you are applicable MBBS Entrance Exam.Your 12th standard subject must be Physics ,Chemistry , Biology and English. I have attached some Various type of MBBS entrance paper so please check it out.This paper are really helpful for you. Download it and read. 

Some questions from file :
1. The aortic opening in the diaphragm is at the level of
A. T10    B. T12    C. T6   D. T8
Ans. B

2. Which of the following is not a content of the pudendal canal
A. Pudendal nerve  B. Internal pudendal artery  C. Internal pudendal vein  D. Nerve to obturator internus
Ans. D

3. All the following are general visceral efferent except
A. Nucleus ambiguous   B. Dorsal nucleus of vagus  C. Salivatory nucleus  D. Edinger Westphal nucleus
Ans. A

4. Angle formed by the shaft and the neck of the femur is ___
A. 115  B. 125  C. 135  D. 145  
Ans. B

5. Which of the following is a primary lymphoid organ
A. Spleen   B. Lymphnode   C. Bonemarrow   D. Liver
Ans. C

6. Tongue is protruded by which of the following muscle
A. Hyoglossus B. Palatoglossus C. Myelohyoid  D. Genioglossus
Ans. D

7. All of the following are features of flat type of pelvis except
A. Narrow subpubic angle  B. Short concave sacrum  C. Divergent side walls  D. Wide sciatic notch
Ans. A

8. A lesion involving the C8 nerve root will affect
A. Extensors of fingers and wrist  B. Flexors of fingers and wrist  C. Small muscles of hand
Ans. B

9.Dorsal scapular nerve supplies
A. levator scapulae and rhomboids B. supraspinatus and infra spinatus C. lattismus dorsi D. serratus anterior
Ans. A

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